“We have our large land which is getting less and less productive due regular sugar cane crop and excessive use of chemical fertilizers. We are trying out part of our land with Organic farming . Currently pilot for 10 farmers is successful and more and more farmers want to take part in this but initial investment for drip irrigation and other infra structure is high. We look forward to Rotary’s support in this initial one time investment to add  50  farmers. –


Gomukh – Partnering NGO

“Because of inadequate water supply facilities our children’s used to  go to mountains and use to bring  water in small pots and spend lot of time in that activity. Due to water shed project we have water tanks close to our homes. Children’s can go to school. With local committee to control usage of water among members there are less disputes on these matters and things are managed in harmony.”

Beneficiary of the Kolvan Water Shed Project

“We are really thankful to Rotary club – Laxmi Road  for supporting us with the construction & maintenance of our old age home. Your kind  gesture has helped our members lead a comfortable & safe life.” –

Representatives of

“Matoshri Old Age Home”

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