About Laxmi Road

– Rotary Club Of Pune Laxmi Road Charitable Trust, was established in 2001.
– Since inception our club has also undertaken number of humanitarian projects to meet today’s challenges
– 16 years’ experience in community work in developmental projects
– Dedicated group of professionals from a cross section of society
– Systematic approach towards research, Selection of project, support & evaluation
– “Collaborative approach” along with NGO’s & other Rotary clubs


Club History

Rotary Club of Pune, Laxmi Road

Sponsor Club R.C. Midtown  GSR Rtn. Ghisulal Solanki

2001 – 2002 Charter lady President Rtn.Vaishali Gadgil & Secretary- Rtn. Parag Vora 

We got the Charter on Aug. 8th, 2001 under the able guidance of a very efficient and disciplined Rtn. Ghisulal Solanki with initial member strength of 35 members. Charter lady President Rtn.Vaishali Gadgil led the club whole-heartedly and took the club to great heights. She increased the strength of the club to an unchallenged 61 members in the very first year. Apart from that the club also received the award for Outstanding Bulletin from the District, thanks to the editor Ann.Deepa Bhagwat. Some of the projects during the year were: 51 Polio operations, Blood Donation Camps, Dental Checkup camps, Cataract Operations, Computer Training for Senior Citizens, etc. Our lady President also became the first Paul Harris Fellow of our club apart from 8 other Paul Harris Sustaining members.


2002 – 2003 Rtn. Dr. Prakash Vaidya & Secretary- Rtn. Vikram Kothari

Headed the second year and led the club with the same spirit and enthusiasm and took up all the first year projects in the second year too. He started the club with 48 members and added another 4 members during his year and 13 members dropped. Second year also gave us prize winning Bulletin. This year also gave bright smiles to the 51 Polio affected patients because of Dr. Anant Bagul who joined our club as a Rotarian. Started Rotaract club this year.

Dist. Officers from the Club IPP Rtn. Vaishali Gadgil – Zonal Chairman – TRF Committee.

2003 – 2004 Rtn. Ganesh Joshi, Secretary- Rtn. Mahendra Solanki

Third year also went smoothly enough under the able leadership of Rtn.Ganesh Joshi& First Lady Deepa Joshi. This year also saw the same on going projects which were done every year but also the start of the Centennial project of up-liftment of Mohol Vasti. This year started with an initial strength of 33 and added 3 members during his tenure. 19 members dropped in this year. The club members were so happy and satisfied to work for the Mohol Vasti project that we decided to make maximum help for its upliftment. This year Rtn.Kamlesh Mehta also became the second level Paul Harris Fellow.

2004 – 2005 Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat & Secretary – rtn. kaushik Konlade

The next year as everyone was eagerly waiting marked the end of one era and beginning of the next era for Rotary. This Centennial year our club is being lead by the young and dynamic couple Rtn. Sadanand and Ann. Deepa Bhagwat. This year has been one of the most efficient and result oriented year for R.C Laxmi Road. We bagged the first best Bulletin award, Maximum participation award for Regional Sports Hungama as well as Maximum Ann’s participation for Regional Sports Hungama. With great support of club members the club served the society in many folds.

Bandhara at Mohol Vasti was a Bench mark project (Water Storage Capacity @1,50,000 ltrs.)

Also this year we did 51 Cataract operations & 50 Polio Surgeries. Another feather in Sadanand’s cap- we completed the prestigious project of Development of Mothers Room & Rest Room for mothers at KEM Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Umesh Vaidya. Rtn. Sadanand started his year with 30 members and added 4 members in his tenure. 6 members dropped in this year. 1 member terminated in the second half due to non payment.

Dist. Officers from the Club

IPP Rtn. Ganesh Joshi                 –     Zonal Chairman Membership Development
Prsi. Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat     –     Co- Host – Dist. Conference     & Chairman Conference Printing
Ann. Deepa Bhagwat                   –     Member- GML Committee

2005 – 2006 Rtn. Mahendra Solanki & Secretary- Rtn. Pranay Mundra.

In the 2nd Century of service the Captain of our club was a young, dynamic Rtn. Mahendra Solanki & enthusiastic First lady Ann. Kiran. He started his year with 33 members and added 2 member. 3 members dropped in this year. The year commenced with our on going projects of distributing books & stationery as well as food grains & Nutritious powder to the school children of Mohol Vasti & 5 students were given scholarship 1 wheel chair & 25 Cataract goggles were donated to Senior Citizen’s group of DSK Vishwa. The heaviest rainfall recorded in Maharashtra took the death toll in the various areas. 1000 Rescue gloves & safety masks were handed over to the Dist. Governor immediately after the mishap. The club contributed Rs. 50,000.00 & supplied food grains & house hold materials to the flood affected people in Konkan Area.

A Landmark Project of our Club With 3 other R. C. Clubs from Pune in which We set up a laboratory in the school at Goregaon (Konkan). Project total worth Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. A computer was donated to the Nivant Andha Vikas Vidyalaya & Rs. 10,000 / – for books in Braille  lippie.This year we sponsored a INTERACT CLUB at Venkateshwara High school, Khanapur which is a institutional base Interact Club having 100 members.1st time since inception RYLA was organized which was specially for Polio affected children. With over whelmed response total registration was around 150 children. 55 Polio operations & Chaitanya Puraskar to Handicapped Children were the highlights of the year.

Dist Officers from Our Club

IPP Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat – Chairman, Annual Giving’s, Ann. Deepa Bhagwat – Counselor I.Y.E
DIST. AWARD Maximum Contribution to TRF 23000 $

2006 – 2007 Rtn. Dr. Laxmikant Shah & Secretary- Rtn. Kishor Punamiya

A enthusiastic & energetic Rtn. Dr. Laxmikant & First lady Ann. Asha took over the charge with an aim to increase the club strength & added 4 new members on the Installation Day itself. The other step towards making the Cohesive club was grand organization of Fellowship Meet at Bhimashankar with record participation of 38 members with family. Mohol vasti medical check up, Educational Scholarships, Medical Lecture Series For Policemen,
Exposure to Journalism & Media RYLA at Venkateshwara Interact, Solid Waste Management Project, are few projects to mention &  50 Polio Operation, Breast Cancer Screening , Landmark project of the year was Lonere Village Filteration Plant Erection, cost of the project was 7.5 lakhs, we supplied 100 benches to rural area near shirur project cost @ 4 lakhs. Prostate Diagnosis  & Treatment for Senior Citizens, Upliftment of Matoshree Vrudhashram are projects in pipeline.This year starting with 32 members, 6 members dropped out & 4 new members were added

Dist Officers from Our Club

IPP Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat        –       Dist. Chairman RYLA 
Ann. Deepa Bhagwat                –       Member- Cultural Committee
Rtn. Deepa Bhagwat                –       Councilor- I.Y.E
IPP Rtn. Mahendra Solanki         –       Member – Membership committee

2007 – 2008 Rtn. Ajit Badve, Secretary- Rtn. Ramesh Keswani 

Rtn. Ajit & First lady Neela took over the charge with a goal set in mind to increase the club strength. He started his year with 28 members & added 9 members. Fellowship Meet, with record participation of 43 members. Mohol vasti medical check up, Educational Scholarships, 35 Cataract Operations, 25 Polio Operations in Pune, & 35 Operations in Beed, Dental Check up & Blood donation camp were the on going projects. Club participated in joined project of Pune COP’s Inverter donation for traffic signal &  Arun Date Concert for Manavya Sanstha with 7 other clubs. 
Landmark Projects of the year 
Upliftment of Matoshree Vrudhashram Total Project Cost Rs. 20 Lakhs.  The club under took this challenging project with out any matching grant or any simplified grant but simply on the support of the society at large. The work involved in this project was planned taking in to consideration the need of the senior citizens residing in the vridhashram. We did the work in the following Phases. 
1       Existing 16 Indian Toilets were modified to western. 
2       Chemical Water Proofing to 28000 sq.ft. was done .
3       Painting was completed in the Bal Sankul.
4       Electrification & Painting was done to the newly constructed hall.
5       Covered Pathway was completed with railing to facilitate the senior citizens to walk safely to the dinning room during the monsoon.
PP Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat took immense efforts for this project & was the single source for funding this project. 
Another Mega Community Service Project undertaken by our club was Setting of Computer Lab, Science Lab, Library, Recreation Material , Pop- Corn Machine & Idli Griender was donated to the Chandrakant Adhikari School at Goregaon. This was a joint project with Sakal Relief Fund & R/C Goregaon. Project cost was 9.5 lakhs

Dist. Officers from Our Club

PP Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat           –     Dist. Secretary- Events
Rtn. Deepa Bhangwat                     –     Member- Cultural Commi. Counselor- I.Y.E
Rtn. Mahendra Solanki                    –     Member- RYLA

This year Our club bagged 2 Dist. Awards 

1      Trophy for  Best Community Service Project. 
2      2nd prize for Best All Round Activities.

2008 – 2009 Rtn. Vijay Jathar . Secretary- Rtn. Pramod Velankar 

Rtn. Dr. Vijay & First lady Dr. Sudha took over the club with strength- 25 members & making a mission to add atleast 20 new members. On the very day of Installation added 5 new members including a honorary member& also did 2 major projects 
1   Set up library for 5 school in Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad
2   Donated 25 Bi-cycles to Adivasi Students near Goregaon, Dist. Raigad
Medical Check up camp at Mohol Vasti, Educational Scholarships to needy school students,100 Rubella Vaccination to adolescence girls in Venkateshwara high school (our Interact club) 
30 Cataract Surgeries are done which is another on going project of our club. 
4 Interact Acivity- Essay Compition for the Interactors, 75 members participated.
Science Field Visit was organised in IUCCA,All Interactors alongwith 3 teachers attended.
5 Clubs First Matching Grant Project got through this year.
It was jointly with R/C Sports City & R/C Oberhasan Germany as Matching partner.The project was sanction for 280 benches but due to recession worldwide, the market slashed.Taking due advantage of the situation we manu. 524 benches.
The Credit Of this Project goes to PP Rtn. Sadanand who single handedly managed the show & other 5 Rtn. helped him in the delivery & handing over process.

Dist. Officers from our Club

PP Rtn. Sadanand Bhagwat   –   Director – Fellowship
Rtn. Deepa Bhagwat    –   Counselor- I.Y.E

2009 – 2010 Rtn. Deepa Bhagwat & Secretary- Rtn Prashant Ghanekar 

The new year flagged off  by doing a couple of projects on the “D Day” itself, FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF OUR CLUB. Both the Projects were done at Matoshri Vriddhashram with the blessings from the Senior Citizens. A Blood Donation camp wherein we collected 51 bottles & Bhoomi Pooja Of the Polyclinic to be constructed at Matoshri at the hands of Shri. Dajikaka Gadgil.  
The year is led by a Young , Dyanamic & vibrant Couple Rtn.Deepa & PP Rtn.Sadanand Bhagwat. A true VISIONERY & have definite targets set in mind.
Consensus builder Deepa took her team along &  Actually spaking the year for the current BOD started in Feb 2009,when they started off tackling various challenges regards 
CLUB ADMINISTRATION. The new board set some goals & By-Laws Amendment, Pancard , Submission of Trust Balance Sheets to Income Tax & Charity Commissioner , 80 G Renewal, Change in name of the Trustees etc ,procedures too all this were complete by June 1 st week.
The 1 st i.e Planning assembly at KOLVAN  ,with a jam packed program of Water Shed Project Site Visit, assembly & Family picnic was full of fun & fellowship. That was the key point from where probably the attendance to Meeting,  Project was enormous. As planned earlier BROUCHER for fund Raising, Credential Presentation C.D, Roaster, By-Laws printed & circulated, Bulletin every thing was done in a professional manner. Obtained the MOST Wanted FCRA Registration from Central Govt. The only club in the dist to get this registration this year, Resulted in a TECH OFF in overall performance of the club.

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT -We inducted 14 new members & famous Music Director Saleel   Kulkarni , as our Honorary Member in the month of Aug.

SERVICE PROJECTS -The construction of Matoshri Vriddhashram commenced on 1 st Aug actually due to tremendous water shortage faced by the city & 1000 sq.ft. construction was completed on 25 th Sept09 & a well furnished Clinic was handed over to Matoshri on 30 th Sept. 09 – D.G. Visit Day. KUDOS TO RTN. Sadanand , Project Chairman, a single source Fund Raiser to this Project  & Dr. Paresh & his team for Excellent Performance.

The Swine Flu appeared in the month of Aug & created Havoc! Couple  of meetings were cancelled. But still fighting against all odds ,the club kept on progressing

Our Land Mark projects as listed below.

   1        Matoshri Poly Clinic                1000 sq.ft.                             1000000.00
   2        Kolwan Drinking Water Project                                            1500000.00               
   3        School Kit Distribution           100 Kits                                     20000.00
   4        School Bench Project             465 Benches                        1170000.00
   5        Swine Flu Awareness              Kolvan Valley                             7000.00
                                                                Narayanpur Sansthan
   6        Polio Operation                                                                          75000.00
   7        Catract Operation, Dental Checkup                                       100000.00   

COMPLETED PROJECTS WORTH                         4500000.00
This year Our club bagged  Dist. Award 
Trophy for  Best Public Relation 
Public Relation Committee is on TOES & took efforts to publish the news in Print & Internet Media , giving wide coverage to the club projects.


2010 – 2011 Rtn. Shripad Kaduskar 

Rtn. Shripad & First lady Ann Asha took over the club with strength- 41 members & making a mission to add atleast 15 new members. Today the club strength is 55. 
Major Projects completed till today are –
1        Drinking Water Project at Sathe Sai, Kolwan- This is a extention to our last years Project ,where Natural Spring Water tapped in the mountains is brought down with the help of G.I. Pipeline & storaged in 15000 Lrts water tank  built  near  the vasti  facilitating 800 villgers Drinking water available at the doorstep. Helping the household ladies & girl child who use to fatch water from miles away.
2        School Bench Project – This is our Matching Grant Project with R/C Sports City & R/C Tornai, Belgium , continued this year. In this phase we donated 180 benches to various schools in rural areas. 
3        Mohol Vasti Upliftment – This is our on going project . Regularly we  conduct  a Medical check up camp for the students & vasti villagers , Supply of Foodgrains & Clothes is a regular regime. This year our club donated 25 school desks for the students.
4        Toilet  Block Project at Mangaon – Construction of Toilet Blocks at Ashokdada Sabale Vidyalaya, Mangaon is in full swing. We will be constructing
30 toilets all together & the total strength is 2700 students in 2 shifts.
5        Scholarships to Neddy Students – 9 Students  from Primary & Secondary Schools were given scholarships .
6        Polio Corrective Surgery – 12 Surgeries are done till date . This year we did a joint  project  with R/C Ratnagiri , Dist 3170. We plan to operate 13 more patients.    
7        Project for Destitude Women- Donated rs. 2,00,000.00 to Chaitanya Mahila Mandal , Bhosari working for the upliftment of Prostitute & destitude women & Children. This donation will help them to become self sufficient through Industrial Moulding Training.
8        Computer Lab Set up for Visually challenged students at Kumthekar Road, Pune.

2011 – 2012 Rtn. Dr. Mihir Suryavanshi 

The year is led by a Young , Dyanamic & vibrant Couple Rtn.Dr. Mihir  &Rtn. Dr. Manisha  Suryavanshi. A couple being a renowned Medical Practitioners of the city nows the pulse of the each & every member & started the planning accordingly. A true VISIONERY & have definite targets set in mind.
The year flagged of with the Blood Donation Camp on the very first day of the year . This year our club first time conducted 2 Blood donation camps at a time in 2 different venues i.e Matoshri Vridhashrum & at Lavasa , this was a joint project with R/C Sinhagad Road.We collected 101 Bottle of Blood.
The Project Dhamaka kept going as Mihir inaugurated the Prestigious Toilet Block Project build at Mangaon’s Ashokdada Sabale Vidyalaya which consisit 34 Toilets , the FIRST FCRA GRANT PROJECT OF our CLUB. The Cost of the Project was 15 Lakhs.
Then 3 Computers were donated to Snehankit a school run for Visually Blind children. Again a Computer Lab  was set at Dehuroad’s Dyanajyoti Vidyalaya by donating 20 computers . KPIT Infotech Systems were theProject partner who donated 20 computers to the club. 
The Band vagon kept going as on 15 th Aug 2011 , 2  Drinking water projects one at Pimpoli- Shelkewadi & other at Khamboli- kekharewadi were inaugurated at the hands of out D.G Rtn.Mohan Palesha. The Cost of Project is 8,00,000. These projects were completed because of the generous donation of Shri. Rasiklal Dhariwal & Shri. Rajesh Verma of Radheya Foundation.

2012 – 2013 Rtn. Dr. Paresh Gandhi

Dentist by Profession & carries A SMILE is a rear combination to find ! Here we present you a dynamic , smiling,Caring Dr who took over from Mihir and will be our Guide in the current year.
Dr. Paresh and Rtn. Seema took over the charge after n number of meetings and KHALABATE with Sec. Rtn Sandeep and his team! A member of 24 x 7 , New Generation , always on toes,kept the Band Wagon of Laxmi Road Rowering!
He started the year with Blood Donation Camps one at Lavasa & other at Poona Hospital. @ 200 bottles were collected.
Computer Lab of 50 at Bhor Rural Schools were set in the month of Aug.
200 Benches were donated to Zhilla Parishad School at Chakan,a CSR innitiative of TATA MOTORS,PUNE. This is for the first time Tata Motors participated in Our MGEA BENCH PROJECT drive and were highly satisfied to see the responce & participation of Local Rotarians who are the vigilance squad of our project.
Rotary Distance Education Projects were done with in no time & 8 units were installed in various schools including some rural schools.
Science Lab & Computer Lab was set up at Adarsha.


“Creating a Trouble Free World”


» Support the needy & downtrodden
» Raise funds to support projects in the area of Health, Senior Citizens, Environment & Education
» Create alliance with NGO’s to drive & measure success of the project

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