Water Projects

  • •   A bund was built in 2004-05 in Tribal area, to facilitate water storage of 1,50,000 ltrs. This         helped solve the existing water problem.
  • •   Water Filtration Plant erected in Goregaon  Dist Raigad
  • •   Water shed project
  • •   Installation of Drip Irrigation System for water conservation

    Challenges faced
  • •   Non availability of drinking water despite good rains
  • •   Children had to walk for kilometers to collect water daily
  • •   Shortage of water for daily chores like cooking , washing & cleaning

    What we did
  • •   Built over 5 water tanks over the past five years in the area taking care of the daily needs of over     500 families
  • •   Identified over 50 other spots for the water shed project
  • •   Selected 15 such spots to be taken up every year

    The Outcome
  • •  Water is now available close to home
  • •  Children can now go to school without the worry of water availability
  • •  Water management is done by the villagers