About Us

Rotary is a Global network of Community-Volunteers which provides broad range of humanitarian & educational activities designed to improve the quality of human life. Spread over 200 countries, it has initiated service projects to address present- day challenges of Illiteracy , Health & Hunger, Lack of Clean Water, Youth Development & Environmental Concerns.



The most ambitious and accredited programme of Rotary if to immunize children  of the world against polio menace. Rotary Club of Pune Laxmi Road was established in 2001. Since its inception our club has undertaken  a number of humanitarianprojects to cater to social welfare of the under privileged.

Who We are

Rotary Club Of Pune Laxmi Road, was established in 2001. Since inception our club has also undertaken number of humanitarian projects to meet today's challenges 9 years’ experience in community work in developmental projects .